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A long-term UBVRI photometric study of the pre-main sequence star V350 Cep

Results from UBVRI optical photometric observations of the pre-main sequence star V350 Cep during the period 2004-2014 are presented in the paper. The star is discovered in 1977 due to the remarkable increase in brightness with more than 5 mag (R). In the previous studies V350 Cep is considered a potential member of the groups of FUors or EXors eruptive variables. Our data suggest that during the period of observations the star keeps its maximum brightness with low amplitude photometric variations. Our conclusion is that V350 Cep is probably an intermediate object between FUors and EXors, similar to V1647 Ori.

Authors:  Sunay Ibryamov, Evgeni Semkov, Stoyanka Peneva

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