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Looking for used copy of ,"Analyzing Light Curves: A Practical Guide"

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Looking for used copy of ,"Analyzing Light Curves: A Practical Guide"

Anyone have a used copy of Grant Foster's ,"Analyzing Light Curves: A Practical Guide? That you would like to sale?



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Available online

Hi David,

You can purchase a copy from Just do a search on the title.  It costs $39.95. This is not a used copy.

Good luck,


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There is also another one:

Brian D. Warner, A Practical Guide to Lightcurve Photometry and Analysis

regards Bernhard

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Light Curves of Variable Stars, A Pictorial Atlas

Light Curves of Variable Stars, A Pictorial Atlas, by Sterken & Jaschek is also another excellent text on this topic.

Ad Astra,


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No longer available online?

Searches at for 'Grant Foster' and 'Analyzing light curves: a practical guide' fail to display the book. A search for his name does display his book on statistics. Perhaps the light curves book is out of print.


Eric Dose
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Indeed it's absent from lulu

Indeed it's absent from, and from anywhere else I can see. still lists his statistics book.

Worse, I recall we have CHOICE courses depending on the lightcurve book. Possibly AAVSO (someone with IP skills) could reach out officially to the author & negotiate duplication rights.

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I purchased this book from

I purchased this book from Lulu in January this year. I hope I was not the last one..

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Available now from Amazon

I've just checked on Amazon's web site. It seems to be available there. See attached screen shot.

When I looked on Amazon a little while ago, it was not available.


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Amazon not shipping this item to Australia

Should have read the screen shot more carefully.

Amazon will not ship this item to Australia.


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One Copy

I have a used copy I'll part with - contact me through my profile



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I just a got a copy.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

I just got my copy from LULU just in the nic of time.

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