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Lost content

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Lost content

Is there any way posts/replies to the forum can be backed up without publishing?  Twice now I have lost extensive input before I could publish it.  Maybe my fat thumbs or something similar hit the wrong key before I was finished but many such products protect users from themselves with either automatic backups or at least have the option to do so manually.  

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Land of Lost Content!


Hi James,


Make the initial draft on your word processor; Microsoft Word; Open Office Writer, or whatever. Then copy your composition and return to the Forum Input in question, and finally, paste. This procedure gives you a little more time for checking grammar and spelling too.

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Land of Lost Content

Yeah, I figured that out.  Reminds me of the good ol' days of the sneaker net.  I guess I'm just buried in nostalgia because I remember my first word processor on a Commodore 64 had a periodic save function.

Whoa!  I just saved this one and I saw that it wasn't published.  Rather, there was a button to edit it (how I got back in) and another button to publish it.  Maybe this is an option that is available on a forum by forum basis?

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