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LPV Fire Sale

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Eric Dose
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LPV Fire Sale

It's Spring Cleaning at my observatory:

Here are 12 Miras and one SRD star for which I am suspending my observing programs, effective tomorrow, May 3:

AC Aur, AM Gem, AW Aur, DG Cyg, GH Cep, ST Sgr, U Cyg,
U Lyn, U Lyr, V Gem, W Lyr, W Oph, Z Cas  (SRD)

Most of these have simply proven too bright for my 14" scope. So I am giving them up to focus more upon Miras more suitable to my scope.

I encourage others to start observing these, or to increase your cadence to ensure that their lightcurves stay continuous. Caution: some have very poor comp stars--for those you may want to request upgrades before beginning your observing.

Several are Legacy stars, Percy's List stars, etc. So check them out, consider diving in, good luck, and clear skies to you.


Eric Dose
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LPV Fire Sale - redux

It's time for me to give up on some more (mostly) Long Period Variable stars that I've been observing steadily but which I've decided are ill-suited to my telescope gear (C14 SCT + CCD) and which I've taken off my observing list.

Here they are:

A bit too bright for me (usually in I filter at max): AL Aur, RR Mon, RT Cam, RT Lyn, RT Oph, RZ Cyg, RZ Per, S Lyn, S Sex, SW Peg, SZ Aur, T Peg, TZ Cyg, W Cas, WX Ser, Y Del.

A bit too faint for me (usually in V filter at min): CD Gem, DU Aur, LO Aur, RR Vir, RZ Mon.

Lagniappe!: EE Cep (long eclipser), GSC 2707-1173 (long eclipser), MS Cyg, MU Aql, PDS 110 (long eclipser), RX And (Z Cam), RZ Psc (UXOR), SS Cyg (UGSS), TYC 4031-791-1 (long eclipser), V0488 Per (BY Dra), V0941 Cas (UXOR), V1982 Cyg (YSO), Z Cam.


LPV Fire Sale - redux

We'll look forward to your JAAVSO paper reporting the long-term lightcurves!   B-)    Were you able to find a rotation period for V488 Per?  None is shown in VSX for that star.


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