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M61 SN

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M61 SN

Can anyone tell me if AAVSO is currently collecting photomtery observations for SN 2020 JFO?  I have a couple transformed observations to upload but webobs is not accepting my upload without a valid variable star name.  Thanks


Sebastian Otero
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Correct identifier format

Hi Chuck,
We already have 91 observations in the database.
It looks like you are leaving a space between the year and the letters in the identifier.
The correct name format is SN 2020jfo.
It should work fine.


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SN 2020jfo

Hi Chuck,

The correct format of the name is SN 2020jfo. Supernova name format is the letters SN followed by a space followed by the year and a letter or letters. If there is a single letter, it is captialized, but if there are multiple letters, they are lowercase. Examples: SN 1987A, SN 2020jfo  (note there is no space between the year and the letter(s) )

If WebObs does not find the star name as you have written it, go to VSX to check if 1) the star is there, and 2) what name(s) exist for it. You can always search VSX by coordinates if you can't find a name match. To do this, go to VSX ( and select Search. At the bottom left of the search screen that appears, click on More. A larger search screen will appear that allows you to give coordinates and search that way. When you do a coordinates search, make sure that all the other search fields are blank.

Good observing,


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thank you

very much appreciated

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