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MASTER OT J051032.58-692130.4: Possible Nova (12.0 mag) in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC)

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MASTER OT J051032.58-692130.4: Possible Nova (12.0 mag) in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC)

"MASTER: very bright OT in Large Magellanic Cloud direction
MASTER OT J051032.58-692130.4 discovery - 12m OT in LMC"
ATel #9039:

The discovery and reference images are available at

R.A. 05h10m32.58s  Decl. -69°21'30.4"  (J2000.0)

A possible progenitor (21 mag) is listed in "The Initial Gaia Source List (IGSL)" (Smart, 2013) and the "Magellanic Clouds Photometric Survey: the LMC" (Zaritsky+, 2004):
- IGSL3 (05 10 32.580 -69 21 30.60): BJ= 21.288, RF= 20.810, G= 20.931 mag
- MCPS (05 10 32.56 -69 21 30.9): B= 21.490, V= 20.828, I= 20.547 mag

This possible nova is located 2' from SAO 249214 (V= 8.7 mag) and 9' from Nova LMC 2005.

Spectroscopy is urgently required.
Clear skies,

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MASTER OT J051032.58-692130.4

13.0 vis, 9:00 13/05 UT using chart for N LMC 05

I'll enter it later...


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MASTER OT J051032.58-692130.4

Good Day All,

This optical transient (N?) was observed on May 13.4 UT at Vmag 13.24 (0.04), comps BLX 874 and 876.

The relative colors around that time were:

U-B =  -0.59  (ie: UV-bright)

B-V = +0.05

V-Rc = +1.25

The star apparently isn't in VSX yet. As soon as we have an AUID, I'll put the data in.

kind regards,




Sebastian Otero
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Nova LMC 2016

Spectroscopically confirmed as a nova by Terry Bohlsen.

I have added it to VSX.

I have had some e-mail problems, sorry for the delay.


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Nova LMC2016
RVB 2016-05-19

After some pointing problems I managed to get a RVB series. In addition I found a series of the Large Magellanic Cloud from 2015 where it is not visible. I'll figure out how to measure them properly any time now.


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