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Measurable Progress

With the publication of JAAVSO 40.2, the epsilon Aurigae special issue, and JAAVSO 40.1, the 100th anniversary issue, the journal staff will now pause and catch their breath.

While Associate Editor Elizabeth Waagen and I were admiring the look and heft of the printed copies of these two volumes, EOW remarked that the total page count of 40.1 and 40.2 exceeds the number of pages in the first several volumes of JAAVSO.

To be precise, JAAVSO volume 40 (numbers 1 and 2, 1,124 pages), is slightly more than the first TEN JAAVSO volumes (1972-1981, 1,115 pages)!

There might be a certain amount of "page creep" going on there (just as in AJ, ApJ, and MNRAS), but, kidding aside, a glance at the titles of the earliest and latest issues explains a lot: JAAVSO is attracting submissions that cover a wider range of topics, in greater depth, and in many cases, the authors are noted experts in their fields.

Thanks and congratulations to all who contributed to JAAVSO 40!

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