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Missing images

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Missing images

I've uploaded a few images tonight (so far) but two of them are not showing up.  They show up in the processing queue but don't make it into my images list, nor the analysis log.  They are for Z UMi and SS Cyg if anyone can find them.

Jim Roe [ROE]

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VPHOT missing images...


I am having the same problem.  Images uploaded up to 24 hours ago are not appearing in my images list.


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more troubles

I just lost a couple more.  I hope Geir isn't on an extended holiday.


Jim Roe {Roe]

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Missing images

Not sure what's been going on ... Some processes were running double on the server, and it seems like images was in a dead-lock situation.

I have sorted that out and I'll be monitoring the server, so try uploading your images again.


PS: Holiday, whats that?

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