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Missing Star (?) near V Lyr

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Missing Star (?) near V Lyr

I recently measured V Lyr and noticed what appears to be a missing star, 3UC 240-15811. The nearby comparison star I am using is AID 000-BCF-469 Label 137. I can get down to about 16th mag and should be able to see 3UC 240-15811 which is rated at 13.69. Other may wish to have a look.
Robin Riordan RROA

UCAC3 240-158111

Other catalogs list this as a 17th mag object.  It doesn't look red enough for a flare star.  This may be a glitch in UCAC3.


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missing star

Thanks for the reply Patrick.

On the AAVSO star chart for V Lyr there is a star plotted near Label 13.7 that appears to have a magnitude  of about 13.5.

This is a clip of the V Lyr chart. V Lyr is the variable star. The line points to the suspect star.

This is my image

  Could  the AAVSO chart be wrong?

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