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MISV1441 brightening

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MISV1441 brightening

Sei-ichi Yoshida reports that the YSO MISV1441 in Cygnus is brightening. Past maxima of this object have been around 14.5m. This one could exceed that. I will post a chart later today.

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chart for misv1441

OK, chart posted. It's an e-scale chart, inverted, to magnitude 15-and-a-bit. I will post a sequence later so then you can plot a chart using VSP. The current chart is at:

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6'x6' POSS2 and 2MASS color composites of MisV1441




I've created a 6'x6' POSS2 color composite of MisV1441:

and a 6'x6' 2MASS color composite of MisV1441:


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