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more charts needed

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more charts needed

It's that time of year again...

Looking at the availability of AAVSO sequences (as opposed to those I created, accurate to 0.1m) it's clear that there is a 'seasonal gap'. Large numbers of stars in Southern Oph and Sco have no AAVSO sequences, for instance - and this area is a hotbed of star formation.

One obvious reason, other than the seasonal one, is that this area of sky is teeming with nebular material (often dark nebulae) which not only make it difficult to draw up workable sequences but also play havoc with the various waveband magnitudes because of the SEDs of affected potential comparison stars.

So... can our valiant Chart Team rise to the challenge?

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Sequence requests

Mike, you should know by now that the chart team is up to the challenge. You should also know by now that we will honor requests made through proper channels and it usually doesn't take long if photometry is available. I'm not sure what you expect us to do with a vague description like "Large numbers of stars in Southern Oph and Sco". That is not a request, and this forum is not the place to make one.

If you would like us to develop sequences for your favorite YSO's please follow the simple instructions here-

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Please be gentle in your response. These posts are available for large numbers to read. This type of response can be embarrassing and humiliating to the person who first posted. We don't want to loose any observers. Thanks.


Chris Stephan   SET

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I don't think this was a request from Mike, he was merely pointing out the difficulty there is in drawing up workable sequences. And the part of the sky mentioned was to highlight the general area in question where future target YSO stars can be sourced.

I didn't find anything "vague" in his post at all. 

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