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More galactic RCB stars

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Sebastian Otero
Joined: 2010-09-19

The number of confirmed and candidate RCB stars in VSX continues to grow.
After the publication of Tisserand's Catalogue enriched with RCB stars, survey data has confirmed the RCB likelihood that some of those stars.

Patrick Wils already checked several of the candidates and it turns out that 2MASS J16544896-4032517 (V= 13.0 - 15.1:); NSV 11164 (V= 13.3 - <15.5) and 2MASS J00482232+7417574 (V= 14.1 - <18.0) are now in the list.

We have 122 RCB / RCB candidates in VSX. 23 are in the Magellanic Clouds so that leaves us with 99 galactic ones.
Diego Rodríguez has probably discovered another one included in Tisserand's list with his own observations (still checking), that would be #100.


One more
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Sebastian Otero
Joined: 2010-09-19

One more. It is 2MASS J16472973-152522.9:

Its light curve from survey data:

So we already have 100.


NSV 11164
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Hi Sebastian,


I just did a quick search on NSV 11164 and found IBVS4420 in which it is suggested this star is actually the asteroid (563) Suleika.  The VSX already indicates this as a possible Asteroid.  Has this identification been changed?  Tks.


Peter Williams WPX

NSV 11664
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Joined: 2010-08-05


I think Sebastian made a typo.  He really meant NSV 11664.


If 2MASS J00482232+7417574 is
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Gustav Holmberg
Joined: 2011-10-29

If 2MASS J00482232+7417574 is an RCB star, it seems to be in an active state; I measured it at fainter than 16.5 (V) on an image taken last night with the 37 cm Sierra Stars telescope (a Cassegrain).

/Gustav, HGUA

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