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MQ Cas flash

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MQ Cas flash

MQ Cas   |  20190805.94  | 11.89   |     0.02     |      V      | flash

MQ Cas flashed. In the AAVSO database there are no observations during the outbreak in the filter "V". If anyone wants can make observations.


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MQ Cas

To:  Nikolay,

Here are some observations I took of MQ Cas per your suggestion:

I uploaded these 560 BVI standard (corrected) magnitude estimates into the AASVO database yesterday.

I also took some spectra of it from Mt. Pinos with my Alpy600 and LISA-IR spectroscopes:

some interesting absorption lines towards the blue end. Its a nice pulsating variable that looks like it has a semi-regular period of approximetly 25-60 or more days.  I'll take more photometry until this passes my meridian at twilight; probably til' Jan2020.


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mq cas

MQ Cas isn't a pulsator, it's an UXOR. On your lightcurve you can see the characteristic lessening of B-V following minimal phases, produced by scattering off the circumstellar material.

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Thanks. Interesting results.

Thanks. Interesting results.


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