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MU Mus vs *mu Mus

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MU Mus vs *mu Mus

Hi. I am trying to get a chart for the Mira MU Mus, and VSP keeps giving a chart for *mu (Greek letter mu) Mus. VSX lists MU Mus and *mu Mus as options. I can put in the AUID but I want to input MU Mus. Please can someone help me. Thanks

Stephen [HSP]

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AAVSO Greek letters

For AAVSO data submittals, Greek letter "mu" is MIU and "chi" is KHI.  MIU CEP and KHI CYG are good examples.  Kevin Paxson - PKV

Matthew Templeton
Possible bug

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for pointing that out.  I've just tested it, and it's not behaving as I'd expect.  It's doing odd things with "mu Cep" versus "MU Cep" versus "miu Cep" too, though in a slightly different way than with MU Mus. 

I'll mention it to Will McMain to see if he can modify the search logic for greek-letter names. 

Apologies for the inconvenience,


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Apparently the software is

Apparently the software is not aMUsed ...

Matthew Templeton
Droll humor is nothing niu

Droll humor is nothing niu here.

mu and nu

Hi Stephen,

At the time we thought it would be a good idea when VSX would show both MU Mus and * mu Mus in this case, but since that apparently is causing trouble, I have deleted the aliases and VSP will now go straight to MU Mus. 


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