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Multiple LPVs in one FOV

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Multiple LPVs in one FOV

Hi All,

I'm looking for E size charts that have more than one LPV in the same FOV that are worthwhile observing (.e.g. nice range, period, etc.).  I'm sure that with all the experienced observers on this forum there are bound to be some that come to mind!


Brian (PRV)

Gustav Holmberg
Two for the price of one

Not all LPV's and not on E chart scale, but still, variables close by each other:

UV Cas and V Cas.

BF Cyg, DV and AV Cyg

Z UMi and R Cam.


/Gustav, HGUA

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Two (Three?) for the price of one

Gustav - thanks for the input, I already monitor R Cam and V Cas, so have added Z UMi and UV Cas to my visual program.  BF/DV/AV Cyg are nicely positioned in a 1 arcmin FOV, can catch them on CCD (E chart is ideal but I can also accommodate a D chart).

Thanks again!


Near M80

I like R Sco and S Sco in M80 filed.

Seiichiro Kiyota


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R Sco / S Sco

Hello Seiichiro,

R Sco and S Sco are already in my CCD observing program, and this is exactly the FOV that triggered my initial question!  I agree these are nice, would be fantastic to find more targets like this...

Brian (PRV)

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