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My disappearance

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My disappearance

About a year ago I suddenly disappeared from the AAVSO. I absolutely adored my decade of involvement with the AAVSO. I was the grateful beneficiary of many great teachers, including Janet, Arne and many of you! I also participated in a lot of great discussions, usually late at night after the AAVSO meetings with a drink in hand, continuing the tradition of great people before us, such as Clint Ford. I served a term+ on the Council and hopefully helped steer us in the right direction. I felt very bad ducking out early on my second term and hope that my memory is not too unfavorable in your minds. If it is there at all.


And that maybe is my point. It is wonderful to see the AAVSO go on without me. I never presumed that it would not! But watching the club continue and knowing it will be there when my life brings me back to astronomy is a very comforting feeling. My departure was purely personal and I felt compelled to say hi and sorry and thank you and I miss you and hope to see you again soon!


Yours truly,

Michael Koppelman


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Hi:  Life has a way of doing just that and hope for the better.  Just hang on and know that we are thinking of you.  Best HNL

We miss you too, brother.  I

We miss you too, brother.  I understand how life pulls in different directions, trust me.  We'll be here for you. 

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