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MyNewsFlash Upgrade

We recently launched a brand new version of the MyNewsFlash. This new version is recoded 100% from scratch and fixes many bugs and annoyances that plagued the older version. It also has some nice new features such as links that take you to the light curve of the object with that data point highlighted, lists of the affiliations of observers that contributed data, comments for each data point, etc. The signup page also has more options, such as the ability to only include observations made using specific equipment.

Signup for the MyNewsFlash by clicking here (you must be logged into the web site).

As always, the MyNewsFlash is a free service to the community. However, we request that its users join the AAVSO so we can continue to maintain it.

For those new to the MyNewsFlash: It is a customized e-mail publication that enables you to monitor stars that interest you... on your own terms. You tell it which stars you want to monitor, how often you want to be notified, what types of observations to include in the report, how the report should be formatted, etc. Once setup, it will send you e-mails with the latest observations that fit your specifications. E-mails can be sent in HTML or plain text.

You can setup a number of different MyNewsFlash profiles. For example, you may want to setup a monthly report that sends you data on your favorite long period variables and then setup a separate daily report that only sends data on cataclysmic variables that went into outburst in the last 24 hours. If you are monitoring a star for a specific campaign, you can even setup a profile to send you all observations received of that star in near real time.

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