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navigating website

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navigating website

Hi all


What is the recommended route to Bulletin 77?


I get there by: About Us - Our Publications - Plus many more - Bulletin - now choose what I want.


Surely there's a direct path that I'm missing?


Let me know please. Alan (PAW)

Matthew Templeton
Observing at a Glance


Observers tab > "Observing at a glance".  Bulletin 77 is under Tools, Resources and References on that page.

Clear skies,


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There is a lot of information on the AAVSO website, and it doesn't matter how it is organized it still ends up being an onion with many layers. Peeling them away to find exactly what you need can be trying at times.

As an observer, most of the things you need or want access to on a regular basis can be found on the Observing At A Glance page Matt pointed out.

For me, I've found it is more useful (and quicker) to bookmark the tools and pages I use most often, or the ones it took me some effort to find the first time around. I have a folder named 'AAVSO Pages' for web pages I want to refer to often, and I have another folder named 'AAVSO Tools' for the tools and applications I use most frequently (or only once in a while, so it is hard to remember where they are stashed on the website). Having my own customized menus to choose from saves me a lot of hunting.

One final hint for others wending their way around the site- I find the menu at the bottom of the page the most useful place to start. You can see all the subtitles without having to mouse over tabs to get a drop down menu. This gives a clear picture of the organization of the site to about the second layer of the onion.

Mike Simonsen

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Navigating Website

Good morning all,

I have been to various data rich websites and navigating them has always been a problem.  I have seen several 'solutions' but they seem to only please a small subgroup of users.  I use the AAVSO website extensively, I am hoping to have a poster ready for the fall meeting, and I have memorized most of the important, for me, webpages.  The other webpages that I use less frequently are bookmarked.  Now if only someone could tell me how to manage my bookmarks.

Cheers and clear skies,


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