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Neglected Variable Stars

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Neglected Variable Stars

Hey all,

I can't seem to find the article on the website, but I was reading somewhere that many of the variable stars that require measurements are lacking data. Especially the common and naked eye variables. 

My guess is it's because they're not "sexy" and people tend to try to chase the more interesting (to them) objects.

I really wish I could find the page/article so I could share it here.

What are your thoughts and why do you pick your observing targets?

Do you ever go for the bright ones or like to stick to more complicated objects?

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Neglected Variable Stars

Hello Christopher,

To answer at least part of your question, one way to find out which stars have been neglected is through use of the AAVSO Target Tool:

The third from the right column lists when each star was last observed. It is color-coded such that red means that the star has not been observed within the recommended cadence period.

You can filter the list by selecting only the types of variables you want to observe and sort by the "last observed" field. You can also narrow things down to only stars you can see by entering your location information.

I hope this helps.


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