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New bright Symbiotic Star

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New bright Symbiotic Star

Robert Fidrich has discovered a rise of HBHa 1704-05   (V~12.0 on July 31.945 UT, V~11.7 on Aug 3.989, and V~10.7 mag on Aug 8.938).

Paolo Berardi obtained a spectrum which clearly identify the object as a new discovered symbiotic star.

First spectra on ARAS forum:

Spectra can be downloaded from ARAS database:

Photometry should be very welcome

François Teyssier


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AAVSO chart

AAVSO chart for this new bright symbiotic variable:

Clear skies,



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Standstill in V? - And what about in B?

CCD V observations by Tamás Tordai, Hungary:

2018 Aug. 09.81008     10.869     0.001     V     TRT
2018 Aug. 12.81671     10.869     0.002     V     TRT

It confirms my DSLR results, that there is no significant change in the V brighness in the last few days.

I wonder, what this variable does in B or U band :O

Clear skies,


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BVI data uploaded


I have uplaoded BVI data for this star.

I mag is about 9.13, V mag is 10.89, B mag is 11.47. Errors are about 0.01.


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VSX record of 'Vend47' updated

The VSX administrators accepted the latest revision (made by Patrick Schmeer) of the VSX record of this new symbiotic variable:
Variability type: SR+ZAND
Spectral type:     M3III:

The name "Vend47" was also accepted, so that you can submit observations or create AAVSO chart in VSP using the name Vend47 too (easier to remember and type it than the primary name ASASSN-V J195442.95+172212.6 listed in VSX.
(The name Vend47 refers to our "Vendégcsillag-kereső" /Guest Star Hunter/ Programme originally initiated by me as a nova-patrol program. In the last 7.5 years of this programme we discovered ~47 new variables so far, but Vend47 is the first real transient, a symbiotic variable.)

Clear skies,


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AAVSO Alert Notice 648 on new symbiotic

AAVSO Alert Notice 648 announces and reports on ASASSN-V J195442.95+172212.6 (TCP J19544251+1722281 = Vend47), a new symbiotic variable. Please see the notice for details and observing instructions.

Many thanks, and Good observing,

Elizabeth O. Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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Short summary of my discovery in English

Short summary on my Guest Star Hunter blog:

(The longer version of the story of the discovery in only available in Hungarian yet.)

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