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New check of observer = login user in WebObs

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New check of observer = login user in WebObs

Why did you change this? I can no longer upload observations for other observers. And I don't like the idea to create accounts for other observers and relog to upload their observations.

"The provided observer code (XXX) does not match that of the logged in user (YYY)."

Best regards,

 Thorsten Lange (BAV)

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multiple observer webobs submissions

Hallo Thorsten,

I will talk to the web designer.  This may be a side effect of several other changes we instigated to lessen spam. It may be a few days before we have an answer, as many people are on vacation this week.


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multi obsevers

I may not understand the situation described, but if you allow loged in user xxx to upload observations for yyy; then wouldn't you have to allow xxx to edit and delete obsevatins for yyy? And doesn't that open a huge security hole for the data base?

But if I'm not allowed to

But if I'm not allowed to upload data of other observers, then I have to create accounts for other observers and can login anyway. Of cause it is easier for me to upload all observatiopns from one account.

Please don't forget that there are observers in the world WITHOUT internet connection and WITHOUT email address. We are collection their observations, send by slow mail in real world, typed into electronic form and uploaded by others.

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...the solution is to create an observer code for the observers  for whom you are collecting data. Then put the name of the observer in the notes field. 

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Obscode check

Hi Thorsten,

This is actually a new feature we put into place a few weeks ago, because we have had many instances where people have made typos in their obscode, which causes their observations to be attributed to the wrong observer.  Often we only find out because the observer asks about missing observations, or because someone who hasn't observed in 50 years suddenly appears to be active again.  Since the vast majority of our users only upload their own observations, we decided this would be the best way of keeping these mistakes from occurring.

I will point the staff members who created this feature to your post.  There are ways to get around the restriction, and they may be able to adjust your account so that you can keep posting observations for others.

Lauren Rosenbaum
AAVSO Administrative Assistant
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Hi friends, I faced this

Hi friends,

I faced this problem when I upload several data from our local observers. They're 5 (five) observers who sent data for me and I upload these data to AID.

The same problem occurred with SunEntry program, so I've got another 2 (two) sets of solar observation and I don't know how to include them on the database.

Try to explain to observers sent their data by themselves? Well, it's hard to find new VSO's here in Brazil; too hard explain them to manitain in order their data and more difficult make them sent their data according forms and rules.


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Very inconvenient

This must be a "feature" that was implemented after August 7. So far, most Dutch observers send their observations to me, and after checking them on obvious mistakes I submitted them through Webobs. Very convenient, I have used this possibility since it isn't possible to e-mail them to anymore. It would be very inconvenient to me if I have to create logins for every Dutch observer. And I am very reluctant to ask the Dutch observers to submit their observations to both the Dutch Variable Star Section and the AAVSO. I really would like to do a quality check before I submit them to the AAVSO International Database

Clear skies,

Erwin van Ballegoij, the Netherlands

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Thanks for the quality-control checking

Thank you, Erwin, for the ongoing quality-control checking you perform on the Dutch Variable Star Section data before you submit them to the AAVSO International Database. Your care and attention are very much appreciated, and we are grateful to you!

Clear skies and best regards,  Elizabeth

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Should work now

Hello All,

As Lauren mentioned, I was asked by the staff members who manage the incoming data to implement such an obscode check to get rid of the (sometimes very difficult to resolve) typos that were making their way into the obscode field.  We did build in a work-around for those who are coordinating groups of observers and need to be able to submit data for others. It is very easy to implement.

Thorsten, Alexandre, and Erwin: You should all now have the appropriate web permissions to submit data on behalf of others.  If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me. 

When someone without the appropriate permissions tries to do this in the future I will make sure that the error message received is altered to include instructions for requesting these permissions.  This may take a few days since our webmaster is currently on vacation.

Best wishes!

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Impressive teamwork!

I just wanted to comment how impressed I am by the level of citizenship and commitment by all of those people who enter data for other observers! Well done!


Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the fast fix! It's working now, I can upload data again for other observers.

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Thank you too! Another

Thank you too!
Another observers' data uploaded successfully!

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Thanks. It works fine now!

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