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New to CVs - Suggestions Please?

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Phil Edmonds
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New to CVs - Suggestions Please?

Hi All, I posted this in "General AAVSO Discussion", but didn't get any replies, can any of you help? I didn't want to interrupt serious stuff here, but maybe you guys are the experts and could spend a few seconds to answer? 

Went to an excellent lecture about CVs by Dr Christian Knigge (an American scientist from the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Southampton University) at our local astronomical society here in Andover, Hampshire (England!) the other night and I'm now all fired up about having a go at these.

Can anyone point me at a "beginner's" list of, say, 10 CVs I can hone my skills on? I'm using a DSLR and 4" refractor.

Many thanks, Phil.

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CV Target List


You might look under Observing - Observing Sections - Cataclysmic Variables - CV Target List.

You could click on the Min Mag column to sort by magnitude to start with some brighter ones?

However, have you already observed some "more normal" variables with your DSLR and 4" refractor? The CVs are usually relatively faint and exhibit complex variability.

Not sure exactly where you are in terms of experience?

HTH, Ken


Phil Edmonds
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Many thanks Ken, I didn't

Many thanks Ken, I didn't know that was even there! It's experience with the AAVSO website I am lacking, I haven't even managed to make it print any (useful) charts yet, and I've been a member for about six months. Thanks again, will explore this. Let alone how to stop it adding this stupid title when you just reply to someone.

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