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New eJAAVSO preprint: Twenty-Two New Variable Stars in the Northern Sky

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Twenty-Two New Variable Stars in the Northern Sky and Light Elements Improvement for PT Lyr, [WM2007] 1157, and [WM2007] 1160


Riccardo Furgoni

Keyhole Observatory MPC K48, Via Fossamana 86, S. Giorgio di Mantova (MN), Italy
AAMN Gorgo Astronomical Observatory MPC 434, S. Benedetto Po (MN), Italy

Received April 17,2014; revised April 28, 2014; accepted April 28, 2014


I report the discovery of twenty-two new variable stars in the Northern Sky: eleven eclipsing, seven pulsating (one of which is suspected), three rotating, and one of unspecified type. Three already known variables (PT Lyr, [WM2007] 1157, and [WM2007] 1160) have been studied more carefully in order to clarify their characterization or provide updated ephemeris.

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