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new FUOR

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new FUOR

OK... possible new FUOR!

V582 Aur might be worth watching. There is a good sequence for it, and it is embarrassingly easy to find, right next to a 6m double, and in the same field as phi Aur and NGC1907! So far the range is only available in R, with a max in that band of 12.7.

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Just had a followup email

Just had a followup email from Nikolai Samus about this object. He says:

" also happy with this Khruslov's finding. He was an amateur
astronomer, but now he is a PhD student under my supervision (though he
is already 38)."

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I've tried it, still low on

I've tried it, still low on the horizon, but couldn't see it (<13.6). Any idea how faint it is?

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should be around there

should be around there somewhere. Last I heard it was around 12.7 (visual I think) but if it's going through an active phase... who knows what's going on? When we eventually get a clear night here in SE England I'm dying to have a look.

Ah... just had a look, it's 12.7 in R, so probably a bit fainter in visual.

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