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New LPV of the Month - R CYG

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New LPV of the Month - R CYG

The latest LPV of the Month article has just been posted. 

This month we are highlighting R Cygni. I didn't have the star on my radar to write about but I recieved a suggestion that I should and here we are. 

If you have any other star's you'd like to see a write-up on, feel free to let me know!

Clear Skies, 

Rich Roberts (RRIA)

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That was a fun read!  Yes,

That was a fun read!  Yes, Cygnus means sweat and mosquitoes for me down on the Texas Gulf Coast as well, but it is a still a fun place.  :)

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I was out last night and I'm

I was out last night and I'm afraid it will be my last session without "skeeter beater" for awhile. 

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New LPV of the Month - R CYG

Thanks Richard. Lots of great background info there. I especially liked the finder chart. I have been trying to get some of our astronomy club members observing variable stars. Up until April, I gave a monthly "Variable Stars of the Month" presentation using stars suitable for binoculars and telescopes. I like to point out variable stars in close proximity to other popular celestial objects.


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I appreciate the feedback. I

I appreciate the feedback. I'll keep doing that in future articles. 

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