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New MAC new AstroImageJ problem

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New MAC new AstroImageJ problem

Hi All,

Can someone point me in the right direction to get AstroImageJ working on a new Macbook. I try to install the older version of JAVA version 6 (which it says I need) but I'm not allowed to install the older version because a newer version is on my compter.  I thought you could have multiple versions of JAVA, but am I wrong?




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Hi Walter,

A few days ago, Karen Collins released a new version of AIJ that supports Java 8. If you send me an email message, I will forward to you the email message she sent to the TESS team on this. My email is:

Dennis Conti

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Old AstroImageJ Info

From Karen Collins about a month ago: 


Also - Dennis: Thank you for pointint out the new OS X release: that is very helpful. I found it. 



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