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Hello dear AAVSO members,

I am a new member of the AAVSO even though I ocassionaly collaborated some years ago with observations. I had been interested in astronomy from my teenage years and using different types of telescopes and CCD cameras from 1996. Currently I live in a suburbial city close to Barcelona in Spain. In 2005 my home observatory was completed, it is a small dome type of observatory and I currently have installed and Astro-Physics 1200 GTO mount and a Meade 12 inches catadiopric telescope. I also use a ST-8 CCD camera with BRVI filters from Custom Scientific and a SBIG spectrograph.

I am interested in learning more about variable stars and be able to contribute scientifically (even though I have no official scientific education). Right now I am specially interested in improving my spectrography to be usable in the observation campains. But also I intend to collaborate with variable stars CCD photometry.

Even though my medium size telescope my suburbial near the sea observatory is afected by Barcelona light pollution and high air humidity, my visual limit magnitude is arround 5 in a good night at the zenit. So my possibilities of work with faint stars is a little compromised. I specially suffer of very bad light pollution in the SW horizon (the direction of Barcelona).

I want appologize in advances for spelling or expression mistakes in this or other post, English is not my fisrt language.4

Thank you. Clear Skies,

Carles Clarassó

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Dear Carles:  Don't get upset over the spelling. Use all the u's that you want in our language and welcome to the AAVSO.  Please note that some of the newsletters are also in Spanish. Maybe you can put up with our spellings also. Not all of the English speaking people know how to spell anyhow.

Best  HNL

Sebastian Otero
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Hi, Carles,

Welcome to the AAVSO! You also have the Spanish languaage forum in case you feel more comfortable.
But your English is very good nd in the general discussion forum you'll have more photometry experts. But feel free to post to any of the forums.
We have a lot of observers from Spain doing a great job finding and solving new variables (CCD photometry) that they then submit to the VSX database. Maybe you know some of them.


Hello Anna and

Hello Anna and Sebastian,

Thank you for the welcoming! And no I am not going to get upset about the spelling... I only wish the forum had a spell checker... It will make me more self-confident about my English. I agree with Sebastian that it's best post in the English forums because there are more people in them (I am going to stay arround the Spanish forums too). I never had been member of an Astronomy forum before and I am very excited about the possiblity of getting good advice here and learnig to improve my observational methods to get better data.

Clear skies

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Barcelona is a wonderful city. The light pollution may suck but the food is excellent! :)


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Glad to hear from you

Welcome to the AAVSO!



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