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New Mira candidate - NSVS and ASAS data unavailable?

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Trygve Prestgard
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New Mira candidate - NSVS and ASAS data unavailable?

Hi all,

Recently, when searching for one of my faint Red variables, I stumbled on this new (apperently bright) Mira candidate nearby (I copied the J1950.0 coordinates instead of the J2000.0 ones :) from the VSX).

Coordinates (J2000.0):  17 54 20.866 -08 54 07.81 (2MASS)

Studying the star through DSS Plate comparison showed some very obvious variations, especially in the DSS Blue ones (see document added). In SERC-J the object was shining brightely while in POSS-I O the object was completely invisible. 

Using Vizier, I found that the GSC2.3 catalog had this star listed at B= +15.5 mag. This lead me to believe that this object could infact be very obvious in ASAS-3 and/or NSVS data, but I've not been able to access their webpages. I noticed a message on the forum that mentioned this to be the case for everyone regarding NSVS, at least?

Does anyone know any other sky surveys that might have registered a light curve for this object? Or if there's any way of accesing the NSVS and/or ASAS data?

Thanks, best regards,


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