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A new page for visual observers

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A new page for visual observers

I've launched a new page for visual observers. It is linked from the Observer Main Landing Page in the Visual "blue box" on the right hand side (in case you are looking for it later).

On this page I'd like to gather up information on books, articles, blogs, web pages, websites and other resources for visual observers you can find on the Internet. I've populated it with a good sample to start with, but I'm counting on you observers to help me add a lot more useful information.

Check it out, the page is here.

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Books reviews

  Mike:  I would like to say that I especially like the Leslie Peltier book and  remember reading it when it first came out  or sometime around 40 years ago. I liked it even more in rereading it.  So Thanks for the new page.

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Starlight Nights

One of my all time favorite books!

Starlight Nights by Leslie Peltier is described and reviewed in the AAVSO Variable Star Bookstore, as well as linked via so you can order it via the AAVSO to see 5% of the purchase price donated to the AAVSO. I have added a note and link to the Bookstore in both Resources and Reading pages.

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