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New photometry queue?

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New photometry queue?

Sometime back I put in a request for comp stars for PV Cep. There is no photometry for this field and I was told a request to AAVSOnet had been placed. How would I inquire as to the status of this request? We have a professional request (LARI) to monitor this star.

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Sequence Request


I receive all requests for an original sequence where none exists when folks use the following link:

The status of anyone making such a request can be checked at the following link; unfilled requests are the white lines:

When the sequence team receives a notice that one of the ~ 10 surveys within SeqPlot have been extended and or updated I check all open requests; this is an ongoing process.

Depending upon the magnitutde range of the target, I often will also check with some of the VizieR surveys to see if there are suitable alternative surveys that might be available as opposed to the SeqPlot options.

As it happens, I also serve on the telescope allocation committiee and I just checked my emails and did not see any exchanges involving your name?  Therefore I am curious as to who told you that a request for AAVSO net had been placed?  Normally, such requests are made by the individual observer for specifc targets not for photometry calibrations.  There is no automatic inclusion of a specfiic target because a sequence has been requested.

Photometry calibartions of specific FOV's are accomplished directly by Arne and supoprt persons and do not go through the telescope allocation committee.  Actually, the bulk of this activity takes place with the APASS and BSM programs which are still ongoing and active.

If you have an urget professional request for a FOV calibration then I would suggest you email Arne and see if he can place such a request in his que.

Tim Crawford, CTX, Sequence Team

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PV Cep

Jim made this request to the sequence team (calibrating this field) in March.  It should be in the sequence request database.  At the time, there was no APASS data for the field, so I may have made the offer to put it on the calibration queue for one of the AAVSOnet telescopes.  In fact, it has been covered by SRO for monitoring in the VRI filters since February, but only recently has that data started to be analyzed, as we have two summer students at HQ who are helping me catch up on the processing.  I expect that either some of those nights will provide calibration, or APASS DR8 will provide calibration, but likely this calibration won't be available until July.


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Thanks for the Update


I'm working with Jim on this LARI project with a few others. Thanks for the update.


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