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New staff blog post

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New staff blog post

There is a new staff blog post at .  It includes both a farewell from me, and the story of our seasonal cards this year!

To read all staff blog posts, please visit .

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Administrative Assistant

Dear Lauren: Good Luck in your journey through life. Always smile.  Think of the AAVSO as your family. In the future, remember the past and enjoy the times ahead. By the way. My husband who is retired loved the card,recently he just brings in the mail and has to look at everything  He thought that the light curve was just the thing to put on a card from the AAVSO.  If you have time to read a book. I suggest :  To the Letter: A Celebration of the Art of Letter Writing, Simon Garfield, Gotham Books         A section about e-mails and their historical value if saved.  HNL

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I personally want to thank you for the fine work you have done for AAVSO. You will be truely missed. Best wishes in your future goals and dreams.


Chris Stephan  SET

Wooster, OH

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Thank you Anna and Chris for

Thank you Anna and Chris for your kind words!

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Lauren Leaving


I am pleased that I had an opportunity to meet you at HQ.  You have served the membership well and had an opportunity at the same time to learn some new skills (read that massive multitasking).

You have a new path to follow and I wish you all the best in your journey and pleased to learn that you will not forget your family at the AAVSO.

Ad Astra,

Tim Crawford


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Thank you so much, Tim!  I

Thank you so much, Tim!  I really enjoyed meeting and working with you.  I'm sure our paths will cross again!

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Thank you for your part in the smooth operation of the AAVSO.

Best wishes and every success for your future endeavors.


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