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New Star Analyser 200

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A new Star Analyser (SA-200) low-resolution specrograph is now available. It is similar to the SA-100, but is designed to be used in a filter wheel. The design allows closer mounting of the grating to the camera and special adapters are available for filter wheel mounting. While the SA-200 has twice the lines per mm of the SA-100, the design is such that the resolution is not quite as good as the SA-100 with the primary goal being to allow its use in a filter wheel. The cost is $209 for the SA-200 and $23 for the mounting kit. See

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Hopkins Phoenix Observatory

The development of the Star Analyser 200
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Robin Leadbeater
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If anyone is interested, I have posted on my website some information on the development  behind the new Star Analyser 200 model and some results using the pre-production prototype in various configurations.

I also used it to record a spectrum of SN2014J in m82

Taken 2 days after the discovery, though this is a stack of 120x15 sec,  the distinguishing features of a type 1a supernova were obvious even in a single 15 sec exposure. The grating was mounted just 26mm from the camera sensor 



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