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New variable star in Cygnus?

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New variable star in Cygnus?

Hello everyone,

while checking the brightness of ST Cyg, I saw a star with 11.3 mag. at the following coordinates: 20 33 7.7 +54 58 17.1

Can anybody check that out and take several pictures?? I think it could be a unknown variable, maybe a nova!?

Lots of greetings from Germany,




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New Var in Cyg ?


Hello Nikolai

I have checked your reported position for a possible unknown stellar object of 11th magnitude.

Unfortunately my results are negative, as follows:

July 8.0914 UT   <16.0 TB  (0.1)

July 8.0924 UT   <15.0 TG  (0.1)

July 8.0933 UT   <14.2 TR  (0.1)

best of luck to you and keep observing. ST Cyg is a fine target !









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Nothing seen

Hello, I checked visually your position and nothing seen there down to v=14.4 on Jul 8 at 07:12 UT.

Maybe a minor planet?

Mike LMK


Hello, I checked every list


I checked every list in the Internet for a possible minor planet. I don't think that it is one. Otherwise I can say that, because I checked the stars 2 times. On Jul 6 and on Jul 7, and the position was exactly the same.

Maybe a geostationary satellite? I think there are no other possibilities. What could be these object, theoretically?? A minor planet, a asteroid or a geostationary satellite. I will keep observing it, but thank you both very much for observing the position.

Greetings Nikolai 

Ok, now I checked the

Ok, now I checked the position again and I found USNOA2 1425-10873965. This is the alleged variable.

My star chart confused me with the brightness of the comparison stars. I'm sorry about that. Thank you for helping me!

Greetings Nikolai 

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