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new to variable stars and photometry

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new to variable stars and photometry


I'm Wouter, I have my observatory in small bright belgium.

I'm entirely new to variable stars and photometry. I'm currently mainly an astrophotographer by would like to give variables a try. Mostly to put some variation on the menu.

My current equipment is a 190m f/5.3 reflector, SBIG ST2000xm and a PM-MX mount. 

What would be a good way to start? Is there additional equipment I need, what software,... etc. I'm quite new to variable star observing so this opens a new world to me.



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Hi Wouter,

I can help you get started. As you know me we can continue by normal e-mail.

I am doing photometry in a very intense way and there is also a Femish group doing CCD photometry observing mainly within the HADS project.

Please drop me a mail in case you are interested.




Josch Hambsch

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