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New VSX manual for data submissions.

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New VSX manual for data submissions.



Thanks to your feedback, we realized that we needed to provide more guidance on the information required to accompany new star submissions on VSX. Taking into account the community’s comments, I have assembled a task force of volunteer observers, who have been working on a new VSX data submission manual, which can be found here:

The guide is linked on the VSX page at:

Please note that this is a live document, and we will be publishing updates every 6 months or so. As such, we would like to invite you, our community, to read it, test it and send us feedback. Other than being a helpful tool for first-time star submissions on VSX, this guide provides necessary links to resources, and examples/figures which demonstrate various concepts.


Many thanks to Juan-Luis Gonzalez Carballo, David Hinzel, Gabriel Murawski, Sebastián Otero and Patrick Wils who were instrumental in bringing this manual to fruition. We are looking forward to your comments.


Best wishes – clear skies,



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