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News and Announcements

28 January Monday System Maintenance

This Monday, 31 January 2011, at 12:00ET (17:00UTC) the AAVSO Website will be down for one hour to look into the installation of a Wide Area Network Router which, if successful, will combine the two internet feeds we have here at HQ into one which will allow us to seamlessly increase both our incomming and outgoing data rates.

Any questions or concerns can be sent to Doc Kinne at rkinne @

25 January And Baby Makes...

Our Assistant Director, Aaron Price, has had a heck of a year!

Early in 2010, he was made Assistant Director of the AAVSO. Later that year we celebrated his defending his Ph.D. But something more unusual, at least for an AAVSO staffer, was on the horizon.

It would seem to an outside observer, perhaps, that AAVSO staffers are more committed to their work than most. While most of us (but not all) are married, the vast majority of us have no children now. With the single exception of Gloria, those that do have children have grown children.

24 January AAVSO Special Notice #229

Outburst of FS Aurigae

23 January A volunteer's valuable contribution

We received some sad news at the AAVSO ten days ago regarding one of the participants in the AAVSO's project to digitize data from the Harvard Annals. Daniel Rupp wrote me to let me know that his son, Andrew Rupp, passed away on January 7, 2011. Along with this news, Mr. Rupp passed along the spreadsheets that Andrew had in progress. All told, Andrew digitized more than 2700 observations for 10 different Mira variables, extending our light curves for these stars backwards in time by nearly eleven years.

14 January Trivia Leaderboards Added

We've created leaderboards for the Centennial Trivia Challenge! Check them out to see how people are doing. Don't forget to answer today's question, either!

14 January AAVSO Special Notice #228

Supernova 2011K in anonymous galaxy is Type-Ia pre-maximum

January 14, 2011: We have been informed by the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (CBET 2636, Daniel W. E. Green, Ed.) that A. J. Drake, California Institute of Technology, et al. report a Catalina Real-Time Transient Survey discovery of a supernova in a faint anonymous galaxy in Catalina Sky Survey unfiltered images on January 13.19 UT at magnitude 15.1.

11 January Alert Notice 430: Photometry requested of Blazar-type Quasars 3C 273 and 3C 279

January 11, 2011: Dr. Kirill Sokolovsky (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie, Bonn) has requested the assistance of AAVSO observers to obtain optical photometry of the blazar-type quasars 3C 273 and 3C 279 during 2011. The observations obtained by AAVSO observers will be combined with multiwavelength observations - from radio to gamma-rays - as well as with very long baseline interferometry with the VLBA to obtain a better picture of what these objects are and how they vary.

10 January ejaavso preprint "Searching for Orbital Periods of Supergiant Faast X-ray Transients" by M. Falanga et al.

10 January Charts and Sequences Update January 2011

07 January Alert Notice 429: Photometry requested for three "Vestoid" Near-Earth Objects
January 8, 2011: Dr. Michael David Hicks (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) contacted the AAVSO requesting precision 
photometry of three solar system objects in support of NASA's DAWN mission to Vesta.  These objects, called 
"Vestoids", are near-Earth objects with similar reflectance spectra to Vesta itself, suggesting they may be fragments 
of that larger body.          
07 January AAVSO Newsletter 47 now online

AAVSO Newsletter for January 2011

05 January ejaavso preprint "Studies of "Irregularity" in Pulsating Red Giants. III. by J. R. Percy, E. Terziev

04 January Online Chat: Jan. 4 at 4pm

We will be hosting a Citizen Sky online chat this Tuesday at 4pm eastern (-5UT). Dr. Bob, Brian Kloppenborg, Rebecca, Aaron and other Citizen Sky and AAVSO staff will be on hand. Topics will include updates on epsilon Aurigae, the upcoming AAS meeting, and ideas for research teams. However, it will be a free chat so any AAVSO/Citizen Sky/VSO topic is welcomed.

Click here to login via a web browser.

03 January AAVSO Special Notice #227

Unusual Behavior of FS Aur - Outburst Imminent?

January 3, 2011: The campaign to monitor activity of the peculiar cataclysmic variable FS Aurigae, as announced in AAVSO Alert Notice 428 (see also AAVSO Special Notice #226), continues. Principal Investigator Dr. Vitaly Neustroev reports that the campaign is going well, and that he is very appreciative of your observing efforts and contributions.

29 December Southern 10-Star Tutorial

Over at Citizen Sky we just published a Southern Hemisphere version of our 10-Star Training Tutorial. It is similar to the original tutorial except that it includes stars and charts for the Southern Hemisphere and is not focused on epsilon Aurigae.

20 December ejaavso preprint "Anchoring the Universal Distance Scale Via a Wesenheit Template" by Daniel J. Majaess et al.

20 December ejaavso preprint "VX Hydrae: Observation of a Sudden Change in a Pulsating Star" by M. Bonnardeau, S. Dvorak, R. Poklar, G. Samolyk

17 December ejaavso preprint "The Variable Star HD 173637" by A. U. Landolt

16 December 2011 JD Calendar

The 2011 JD Calendar is now available.

15 December JAAVSO v38 nr2 is now online!

15 December Request Comparison Stars for Variable Star Charts

[Note: If your variable star has an existing sequence, even if it is only one comparison star, please request assistance via CHET. This page is only for variables that have NO comparison stars. Thank you.]

13 December ejaavso preprint "The First Historical Standstall of WW Ceti" by M. Simonsen and R. Stubbings

07 December Charts and Sequences Update December 2010


07 December AAVSO Centennial Calendar for 2011

A Century of Variable Star Observing: 1911-2010 

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AAVSO Centennial Calendar fpr 2011

07 December ejaavso preprint "Recent minima of 144 EB stars" by G. Samolyk

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