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19 August Nova Del 2013

Welcome, fans of Nova Del 2013!

Below is a listing of the various AAVSO publications, posts, and articles on the new bright nova in Delphinus.  Use the links on the right side of the page to find out more about the AAVSO and how you can get in on the action. 

Clear skies!


16 August AAVSO Alert Notice 489: Nova Delphini 2013 = PNV J20233073+2046041

August 16, 2013

Event: Nova Del 2013 = PNV J20233073+2046041

Discovered by: Koichi Itagaki (Teppo-cho, Yamagata, Japan), reported by S. Nakano (Sumoto, Japan)

Discovery Magnitude: unfiltered CCD magnitude mag 6.8 using a 0.18-m reflector

Discovery date: 2013 Aug. 14.584 UT

Coordinates: R.A. 20 23 30.73  Decl. +20 46 04.1  (2000.0)

16 August Binocular Sequence and Charts Now Available for Nova Del 2013

Due to the very bright eruption of Nova Del 2013, we have created a binocular sequence specifically for this nova that can be plotted using the Binocular Chart option on the chart plotter (VSP). 

For best results specify a field of view of 900 arc minutes (15 degrees) and a limiting magnitude of 7 and click on the Binocular Chart option. This will produce an uncluttered chart with a sequence from 6.9 - 3.5V for use with binoculars. Or you may simply download the chart attached to this page.

13 August Solar Bulletin - Volume 69, Number 7

The July 2013 Solar Bulletin is now available.

12 August New eJAAVSO preprint: Data mining the Ogle-II I-band database...

ej240: "Data Mining the Ogle-II I-band Database for Eclipsing Binary Stars" by Marco Ciocca

05 August AAVSO Professional Survey for 2013

AAVSO Councillor Kevin Paxson has completed and presented the results of the AAVSO's survey of the professional astronomical community.  The AAVSO solicited participation from professional astronomers in an online survey early this year, and the results are now available in both raw and summarized form, with commentary and analysis from Kevin.  The results were presented at the 2013 Spring Meeting of the AAVSO, and the final reports are now avail

01 August Alert Notice 488: Observations of AA Tau requested to schedule XMM-Newton

August 1, 2013: Dr. Hans Moritz Guenther (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) has requested nightly observations of the classical T Tauri star AA Tau in order to schedule x-ray observations with XMM-Newton that have been planned for between 2013 August 15 and September 15.

01 August Search for New AAVSO Director Underway!

From: Kevin B. Marvel, AAVSO Director Search Committee Chair and Executive Director, American Astronomical Society

26 July Special Notice #368: Bright transient in M74 - PSN J01364816+1545310

July 26, 2013:  Patrick Schmeer (SPK, Bischmischeim, Germany) reports via baavss-alert and vsnet-alert that a bright (12.4 U) transient, discovered in M74 (NGC 628) on 2013 July 25.80 UT, has been announced on the CBAT Transient Objects Confirmation Page. The discover's name does not appear there. The presence of the transient has been confirmed by Andrzej Pigulski on 2013 July 27 0:00 UT in vsnet-alert 16057.

26 July Special Notice #367: Outburst of the UGWZ star UZ Bootis

Carey Chiselbrook (CCY; Georgia, United States) reports via the AAVSO Forums that the WZ Sge-type variable UZ Bootis is in outburst.  It was observed visually at magnitude 12.8 on 2013 Jul 26 02:00 UT (JD 2456499.58194).  The outburst was confirmed by Walter MacDonald (MDW; Ontario, Canada) imaged the field and found UZ Boo at V=12.69 03:25 UT (JD 2456499.6394).  Observations of UZ Bootis -- both visual estimates and CCD time series -- are encouraged throughout the outburst.

24 July Special Notice #366: Symbiotic variable AS 270 brightening

July 24, 2013: AAVSO observer Steve O'Connor (OCN; St. George's, Bermuda) reports a possible brightening episode of the symbiotic variable AS 270.  O'Connor reports the star at V=12.75+/- 0.02 on 2013 July 24.535 (JD 2456498.035). The most recent prior observation reported to the AAVSO International Database (M. Linnolt, LMK; Ocean View, Hawaii, United States) had AS 270 at m(vis)=14.1 on 2013 July 13.390 (JD 2456486.890), suggesting a rise of more than one magnitude in less than two weeks.

19 July Alert Notice 487: Supernova 2013dy in NGC 7250 = PSN J22181760+4034096

July 19, 2013

Event: Supernova 2013dy in NGC 7250 (Lacerta) = PSN J22181760+4034096

Independent discovery by:
 - Lick Observatory Supernova Search (LOSS), reported by C. Casper, W. Zheng, W. Li, and A. V. Filippenko (University of California at Berkeley) and S. B. Cenko (Goddard Space Flight Center)
 - Kuniaki Goto (Miyoshi-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan), communicated by Shoichi Itoh (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)

19 July Special Notice #365: Correction to AAVSO Special Notice #364

July 19, 2013: In AAVSO Special Notice #364 (
the variable 1RXS J213807.1+261958 (OT J213806.6+261957) was stated as being the northern of the pair. It is in fact the SOUTHERN of the pair, and is moving to the northeast.

The coordinates given in Special Notice #364 were correct and are repeated here for your convenience.

19 July Special Notice #364: 1RXS J213807.1+261958 (OT J213806.6+261957) HST obs next week

July 19, 2013: HST/COS is scheduled to observe the WZ Sge-type variable 1RXS J213807.1+261958 (= OT J213806.6+261957) next week. Observations are scheduled for:

1RXS J213807.1+261958 (OT J213806.6+261957)
            2013 July 25 17:26:50 through 21:05:23 UT

The scheduling team will likely make their final decision early on July 24, and your observations will be essential now through July 26.

16 July Special Notice #363: HS 2214+2845 (= V513 Peg) obs critical now

July 16, 2013: Based on your observations, the HST/COS team will be making the final decision tomorrow afternoon (2013 July 17) or the next morning whether to observe the dwarf nova HS 2214+2845 = V513 Peg on:

V513 Peg (HS 2214+2845) 2013 July 18 21:08:59 through July 19 01:04:23 UT

V513 Peg is 16.8V at minimum and 12.5V at maximum. Please monitor V513 Peg closely through July 19.

16 July Two new eJAAVSO preprints

ej238: "I-band Measurements of Red Giant Variables: Methods and Photometry of 66 Stars" by T. T. Moon

ej239: "V2331 Cygni is an Algol Variable With Deep Eclipses" by H. Bengisson, et al.

12 July Solar Bulletin - Volume 69, Number 6

The June 2013 Solar Bulletin is now available.

11 July VStar Version 2.15.3 Release

VStar version 2.15.3 has just been released!

This version of VStar includes a new .jnlp file which means that if you used VStar before and have a file called vstar.jnlp on your computer, you should delete it and get the new one by clicking the "Download VStar Now" file from here:

You should also replace any plugins you have with new versions from here:

11 July Announcing the 2013 AAVSO Council Nominees

Please click on the names of the nominees to view their extended online biographies.  All members will receive Council election ballots in the mail before the end of August.  Best of luck to all of our nominees!

08 July Special Notice #362: OR And and AX For obs critical now

July 8, 2013: The VY Scl variable OR And continues in its low state, so it has been scheduled for HST/COS observations. Based on your observations, the HST/COS team will be making the final decision tomorrow morning (2013 July 9) whether to observe OR And on:

OR And 2013 July 10 11:47:01 through 15:56:12 UT

OR And is ~18V in its low state and ~14.5V in its high state.

03 July The July AAVSO Newsletter is published

AAVSO Newsletter 57 - July 2013

01 July Visual Observing Manual in Hungarian - 2013 edition

The Hungarian version of the recently revised Manual for Visual Observing of Variable Stars - Vizuális Változócsillag-észlelők Kézikönyve - is now available for download here:

25 June Charts and Sequences Update June 2013

Improvements to existing sequences and creation of new sequences for newly discovered and previously known variables continues at a brisk pace. Below is a list of new or revised sequences adopted since April 4, 2013.

If you observe any of these stars, please be sure you are using th most recent version of the comparison star sequence on your charts.

This list is attached below in .csv and .xlsx formats for your convenience.

24 June Special Notice #361: CC Scl observations DATE REVISED

June 24, 2013: The date given in AAVSO Special Notice #360 for the HST/COS  observations of the SU UMa-type dwarf nova CC Scl has been REVISED from June 27 to:

CC Scl   2013 Jun 29 03:19:13 through 05:54:10 UT

The HST team will be making a final decision early on June 28 about observing CC Scl based substantially on your observations, so they are essential.

24 June Special Notice #360: CC Scl observations critical this week

June 24, 2013: HST/COS is scheduled to observe the SU UMa-type dwarf nova CC Scl:

CC Scl   2013 June 27 02:12:04 through 05:39:30 UT

The HST team will be making a final decision early on June 26 about observing CC Scl based substantially on your observations, so they are essential.

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