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			AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 198 (January 30,1995)

1436-63 NOVA CIRCINI 1995

We have been informed by AAVSO member William Liller, Vina del Mar, Chile, of his 
photographic discovery of a nova in Circinus, using the PROBLICOM search method, on 
January 27.328 UT at photovisual magnitude 7.2 (Kodak TP film with orange filter). A 
photograph taken by him on January 12.336 UT does not show anything down to 
magnitude 12.0. The position of the nova (1950) is:

		RA. = 14h 40m 56s	Decl. = -63deg 41' 14"

The nova has been confirmed spectroscopically by S. Benetti, European Southern 
Observatory, and E. Cappellaro, Padua Observatory, who reported that a reduced CCD 
spectrum (range 390-900 nm, resolution 1.3 nm) obtained with the ESO New Technology 
Telescope (+EMMI) on January 30.38 UT shows a spectrum dominated by intense 
emission lines of hydrogen, Fe II, and O I (777.4 and 844.6 run) (IAU Circular 6130).

Other observations of N Cir 95 include: Jan 28.526 UT, 7.4 visual (R. Stubbings, Victoria, 
Australia, reported by P. Nelson); 29.449, 7.91 V (A. Gilmore, Mount John University 
Observatory, New Zealand); 29.464, 8.1 visual (P. Nelson, Victoria, Australia); 29.48, 7.5 
visual (P. Williams, Sutherland, NSW, Australia, reported by Liller); 29.5, 7.6 visual (M. 
Morel, Rankin Park, NSW, Australia, reported by Liller); 29.56, 7.6 visual (Williams, 
reported by Liller); 30.14, 7.47 CCDV (W. Liller, Vina del Mar, Chile).

Accompanying is a Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand chart with the position of 
the nova plotted. Inset into the lower right-hand corner of this chart is a small chart from 
W. Liller showing the region immediately around the nova. Please use the chart and inset 
to make your estimates of the nova, and report them to AAVSO Headquarters by 
telephone, telefax, or email so we may inform the astronomical community. The answering 
machine is on nights and weekends for your convenience.

Congratulations to Bill on his latest discovery!

Janet Mattei, who is in South Africa attending a conference and giving several talks, and I 
thank you for your valuable astronomical contributions.

Good observing!

Elizabeth O. Waagen 
Senior Technical Assistant

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484