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Alert Notice 285

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                AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 285 (June 21, 2001)


We have been informed by the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (IAU
Circular 7647) that Katsumi Haseda, Toyohasi, Aichi, Japan, discovered a
novalike variable in Scorpius using 10-cm f/4.0 twin patrol cameras and
T-Max 400 film.  The object was seen on the following films taken by
Haseda (photovisual magnitudes): May 13.617 UT, 10.5; 17.664, 11.0; 28.624,
10.5; Jun. 15.661, 10.4.  Nothing was seen down to magnitude 12.0-12.9 on
films taken by him on 27 dates between 1996 Mar. 26 and 2001 Apr. 22.744 UT.

Keniti Kadota, Ageo, Saitama, Japan, measured Haseda's discovery film and
obtained the following position for the object:

       R.A. = 17h 57m 06.98s   Decl. = -32 degrees 23' 05.0"  (2000)

T. Kato, Kyoto University, Japan, noted that Kadota reported that nothing was
visible down to CCD magnitude 14 at the location of the object on an image
taken on 2000 Feb. 24.842 UT, and that no likely counterpart was found in
the 2MASS and MSX5C catalogues.

William Liller, Vina del Mar, Chile, reported that a CCD image of a
low-dispersion objective-prism spectrogram taken Jun. 21.150 UT shows the
presence of (presumably) H-alpha at approximately five times the brightness
of the surrounding continuum; the weak presence of (apparently) H-beta
indicates that the star is substantially reddened.  He also reported that
the object was CCD broadband-V magnitude 10.68 at this time.

According to Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu University, Japan, the Digital Sky
Survey shows a star near the location of the object at magnitudes about
17.5 R, 20 B.

K. Takamizawa, Saku-machi, Nagano, Japan, reported the following prediscovery
observations made with 10-cm f/4 twin patrol cameras + unfiltered T-Max 400
film (photovisual magnitudes): Apr. 26.737 UT, <12.9; May 12.643, 10.2;
16.698, 11.2; 20.692, 11.0; 25.660, 10.3.

Liller reported to the AAVSO the following observations made with an 85-mm
lens and Kodak Tech Pan film + red filter; he notes this film-filter
combination is highly sensitive to the region around H-alpha (approximate
red magnitudes): Jun. 1.106 UT, 10.6; 12.111, 10.4; 16.135, 10.2; 20.161,
10.3.  Nothing was seen down to magnitude 10.5-11.6 on films taken by him on
12 dates between 2001 Feb. 24.371 and May 2.179 UT.

Additional observations reported to the AAVSO include: Jun. 21.1850, 11.1,
E. van Ballegoij, Oranjestad, Aruba.

Accompanying is a 'd' scale AAVSO Preliminary chart of Var Sco 01, prepared
by C. Scovil and K. Malatesta, AAVSO Headquarters.  Please use this chart
to observe this novalike variable, and report your observations of
1750-32 VAR SCO 01 to AAVSO Headquarters, making sure to indicate which
comparison star(s) you used.

Congratulations to Katsumi Haseda on his latest discovery!


Electronic copies of the chart for Var Sco 01 mentioned in this Alert Notice
are available through our web site at the following address:


It may also be obtained directly from our FTP site (


The answering machine at AAVSO Headquarters is on nights and weekends for
your convenience. Please call our charge-free number (888-802-STAR =
888-802-7827) to report your observations. We also encourage observers to
send observations by fax to 617-354-0665 or by e-mail through the Internet

Many thanks for your valuable astronomical contributions and your efforts.

Good observing!

Elizabeth O. Waagen, Senior Technical Assistant
on behalf of
Janet A. Mattei, Director

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484