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AAVSO Alert Notice 407: Outburst of the UGWZ-type dwarf nova EG Cancri AAVSO HOME > publications > alert notice

AAVSO Alert Notice 407

Outburst of the UGWZ-type dwarf nova EG Cancri
October 12, 2009

The WZ Sge-type dwarf nova EG Cancri has been reported in outburst by
Ian Miller (Swansea, Wales).  He reported EG Cnc at m(CV) = 14.3 on
2009 October 12.138 (JD 2455116.638).  Subsequent unfiltered time series 
observations by Miller reported to the AAVSO confirm EG Cnc at around
magnitude 14.3; the star declined by approximately 0.1 magnitudes during
the two-hour span of the time series.  Observations of EG Cnc are 
urgently requested at this time, including visual estimates, CCD 
photometry, and CCD time-series observations.

The last major outburst of EG Cnc occurred in November 1996, and the star
exhibited multiple rebrightenings as is observed in the WZ Sge class.  
The star is currently well below its maximum of 11.4 observed in 1996,
and so the current stage of the outburst is unknown.  The star recently 
emerged from solar conjunction in the morning sky; it was observed by 
Hazel McGee (Guildford, England) on 2009 October 5.466 (JD 2455109.966)
and 2009 October 4.4653 (JD 2455108.9653), who reported it at 
m(CV) < 15.4 on both nights.  Prior to this, EG Cnc was last observed 
on 2009 Jun 15.9312 by Eddy Muyllaert (Oostende, Belgium), who reported
it at m(CV) < 16.8.

Any observations of this star will help us to determine at what stage
this outburst is currently in.  As mentioned above, EG Cnc exhibited
several well-defined echoes during its 1996-1997 outburst, and 
observations are encouraged to continue throughout the remainder of
2009 at least.  EG Cnc exhibited short-term variability (superhumps) 
during its last outburst, and so CCD time-series are needed in addition
to visual estimates and CCD photometry.

EG Cnc is located at the following (J2000) coordinates:

        RA: 08:43:04.0 , Dec: +27:51:50.0

Charts for EG Cnc may be obtained via AAVSO VSP:

Please report all observations promptly to the AAVSO as "EG CNC".

Clear skies, and good observing,

Matthew Templeton (AAVSO)


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