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				AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 224 (July 24,1996)

2327-54 SUPERNOVA 1996a1 IN NGC 7689

We have been informed by the Central Bureau of Astronomical Telegrams (IAU Cincular 6437) of the 
visual discovery of a supernova in NGC 7689 by Robert Evans and R. Benton, Coonabarabran, New 
South Wales, and Samantha Beaman, Pimpama, Queensland, Australia, on July 22.71 UT at magnitude 
approximately 14.0, using the Australian National University 1-m telescope at Siding Spring. The 
supernova is about 30" north of the center of the galaxy, and does not appear on earlier European 
Southern Observatory (ESO) survey films or CCD survey images.

The position of SN 7689 was measured by J. Pogson and S. Ryan, Anglo-Australian Observatory (IAU 
Circular 6437) as:

RA = 23h 33m 16.1s Decl. = -54 05' 02" (2000).

The supernova was confirmed by S. Benetti, ESO, and R. Neuhauser, Max-Planck- Institut, Garching, 
Germany, on inspection of a preliminarily-reduced CCD spectrum taken with the ESO 1.52-m telescope 
at La Silla, Chile, on July 23.35 UT, as a type II supernova discovered soon after explosion (IAU Circular 
6438). The spectrum also showed evidence of circumstellar material, probably lost by the supernova 
progenitor before exploding, and is expected to evolve rapidly (IAU Circular 6438).

Accompanying is a chart from the AAVSO Variable Star Atlas showing the location of NGC 7689, and a 
chart, with insets, of the galaxy and the supernova from the Deep Space CCD Atlas: South by Vickers 
and Wassilieff. Magnitudes on this chart are taken from the Guide Star Catalog, using The Sky software. 
Please monitor SN 7689 and report your observations to AAVSO Headquarters.

Congratulations to Bob Evans, R. Benton, and Samantha Beaman on their discovery!


Electronic copies of the charts mentioned in this Alert Notice are available from our FTP site: (, in /pub/alert224

The charts have also been placed on our Web site at the following address:

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Many thanks for your valuable astronomical contributions and your efforts.

Good observing!

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