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AAVSO Special Notice #57: Update on V5558 SGR and N VUL 07 AAVSO HOME > publications > special notice

AAVSO Special Notice #57

Update on V5558 SGR and N VUL 07
August 14, 2007

V5558 SGR (N SGR 07)

The slow nova V5558 Sgr (see Special Notice 53 for most recent assessment)
remains bright at V=7.4, and continues to exhibit weeks-long brightening 
episodes. The most recent event began on JD 2454320 (2007 August 7), 
reached m(vis) = 7.0, declined, and now appears to be brightening again.  
This behavior is similar to what was seen in other slow novae, including 
HR Del (N Del 67) and V723 Cas (N Cas 95). Both visual magnitude estimates 
and filtered photometry are strongly encouraged for the duration of this 
nova event. Given past behavior of other slow novae, V5558 Sgr may remain 
brighter than 10th magnitude well into 2008.

Coordinates are: RA 18:10:18.27, Dec: -18:46:52.1 (J2000)

Please report observations to the AAVSO as 1804-18 V5558 SGR.

N VUL 07

After its discovery at CCD magnitude 9.30 (RZD) on August 8.9604 UT (see 
Special Notices #55 and #56), N Vul 07 brightened to magnitude 8.126V on 
Aug 9.4285 (CTX), then declined to 9.41V on Aug 10.3014 (NMR), brightened 
slightly to 9.2-9.3 and stayed there until Aug 12.08, then dipped to 9.5 on 
Aug 12.1170 (WI) and 9.6 on Aug 12.4549 (MTH), brightened to 9.1 on Aug 
12.8264 (MPR), then to 8.2 on Aug 13.8389 (SFI), and most recently has 
declined again to 9.9 on Aug 14.8125 (SFI).

Coordinates are: RA 19:54:24.64  Dec +20:52:51.9 (J2000.0)

N Vul 07 has not yet been assigned an official name. Please continue to 
report your observations of this classical Fe II nova to the AAVSO as 
1950+20 N VUL 07.

Observations and light curves of both novae may be found at and , 

Thank you for all of the excellent observations. Continued good observing!

This special notice was compiled by: Matthew Templeton and Elizabeth O. Waagen


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