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AAVSO Special Notice #21

Possible New Object In Tau
(October 26, 2006)

Dan Green has asked for confirmation of a new object reported to
the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams by astronomers at
Crni Vrh Observatory of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Here are details:

position (2000):  R.A.  03:29:12.26     Dec. +12:50:17.6   (Taurus)

magnitude:  ~R magnitude ~14.9  (unfiltered CCD, approx. R magnitude)

date:  Oct. 20.0 UT  (4 images taken with 60-cm instrument)

The astronomers report nothing was seen on PSS, 2MASS, or their archive
images going back 2 years (archive images limit ~R ~18.5). Dan Green
found nothing using CBAT's variable search software. Dr. Matthew
Templeton, AAVSO HQ, reports nothing variable matching those coordinates
was found in ASAS, SIMBAD, or the most recent Name Lists.

If your conditions and equipment permit, please check this location and
report your findings as soon as possible to  If you have
a positive observation of this object, please cc your findings

Designation and name to use: 0323+12  VAR? TAU

Many thanks!

This special notice was compiled by: Elizabeth O. Waagen

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