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AAVSO Alert Notice 383

Nova Scorpii 2008
September 6, 2008

Event: Nova in Scorpius

Discovered By: K. Nishiyama (Kurume, Fukuoka-ken, Japan) and F. Kabashima
        (Miyaki-cho, Saga-ken, Japan); Y. Sakurai (Mito, Ibaraki-ken,
        Japan); and Guoyou Sun (Qufu, Shandong, China) and Xing Gao 
        (Urumqi, Xinjiang, China)

Discovery Date: 2008 September 02.4594 UTC (JD 2454711.9594)

Discovery Magnitude: m = 9.5 (unfiltered)

Position: RA = 17h 57m 32.93s , Dec = -30d 43m 10.1s (from Nishiyama
        and Kabashima)

Charts: Finder charts for this object may be plotted by entering the
coordinates above into VSP:
The sequence was prepared by M. Morel.

Notes: This object was announced as a nova in IAU Circular 8972 (Daniel 
W.E. Green, editor).  This is a classical nova, as determined by 
low-resolution spectra by M. Fujii (Ibara, Okayama, Japan) and H. Naito
(Nishi-Harima Astron. Obs.) on Sept 3.49 and Sept 5.47 respectively.  
This object has been given the formal variable star designation 
"V1309 Sco".  Please see IAUC 8972 for complete details on discovery 
and confirmation.

The following observations have been submitted to the AAVSO since the
issuance of AAVSO Special Notice #124 (2008 September 03): JD 
2454713.4167, m(vis) = 9.3 (A. Amorim, Florianopolis, Brazil); 
2454713.51944, m(vis) = 9.0 (L. Shotter, Uniontown, PA, United States);
2454714.03056, m(unfiltered) = 8.7 (R.J. Kaufman, Bright, Victoria,
Australia); 2454714.54167, m(vis) = 8.2 (L. Shotter); 2454714.99097,
m(unfiltered) = 8.0 (R.J. Kaufman); 2454715.5590, m(vis) = 8.4 (G.
Beltran, Cochabamba, Bolivia); and 2454715.94028, m(unfiltered) = 8.0
(R.J. Kaufman).

Thanks to all observers who have submitted observations thus far.  
Continued observations are strongly encouraged throughout this nova
outburst.  Please submit data to the AAVSO using the name "V1309 SCO",
or the AUID "000-BFT-812".  The VSX designation "VSX J175732.9-304310"
may also be used.

Congratulations to the discoverers!

Clear skies, and good observing,

Matthew Templeton


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