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AAVSO Alert Notice 395

Nova in Sagittarius
May 6, 2009

Event: Nova in Sagittarius

Discovered By: K. Nishiyama (Kurume, Fukuoka-ken, Japan) and F. Kabashima
        (Miyaki-cho, Saga-ken, Japan)

Discovery Date: 2009 April 21.711 UTC (JD 2454943.211)

Discovery Magnitude: m=11.7 (unfiltered)

Position: RA = 17h 44m 08.44s , Dec = -26d 05m 48.7s (from K. Kinugasa,
        S. Honda, and O. Hashimoto, Gunma Astronomical Obs.)

Charts: Finder charts for this object may be plotted by entering the
coordinates above into VSP:

Notes: This object was announced as Nova Sagittarius 2009 in IAU Circular
Number 9041 (Daniel W.E. Green, editor).  Spectroscopy by Kinugasa et al
indicates a classical nova in the decline phase.  This nova apparently
reached a maximum of m ~ 11.7 (unfiltered) on or about 2009 April 21.711.
The nova was originally reported as a brightening of the USNO-B1.0 star
0639-0570762, but further astrometry suggests the progenitor is
approximately 1.8 arcseconds away, and is thus not the USNO-B1.0 object; 
the coordinates listed above are the revised coordinates.

This object has been assigned the name "VSX J174408.4-260548" with the
AUID "000-BJP-183"; the name "Nova Sgr 2009" may also be used.

Congratulations to K. Nishiyama and F. Kabashima for their discovery.

Clear skies, and good observing,

M. Templeton


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