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AAVSO Special Notice #124

Possible nova in Scorpius
September 3, 2008

A possible nova in Scorpius was posted to the CBAT Unconfirmed
Objects list (D. Green, editor); the object was at magnitude 9.5 
(C) on 2008 September 02.4594.  The object has not been classified,
but the existence of the new source was confirmed by Guido et al
(vsnet-alert 10490) at an unfiltered magnitude of 9.6, and the 
object's position is not coincident with any known variable star
with that magnitude.  Pending classification, the AAVSO requests 
observations of this new object.  Both visual observations and
instrumental photometry are strongly encouraged.  An AAVSO 
Alert Notice will be issued if and when the object is classified
as a Nova.  A sequence has not been created specifically for this
object, but several comparison stars are available within the 
field.  Fainter comparison stars will be added when available.

This object is located at the following coordinates from Guido
et al. (see vsnet-alert 10490):

RA: 17 57 32.93 , Dec: -30 43 10.3 (J2000)

Charts for this object may be plotted using VSP and entering the 
coordinates above:

This object has been assigned the provisional AAVSO designation
"VSX J175732.9-304310" and the AUID "000-BFT-812".  Please
submit data with either of those identifiers.

This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by M. Templeton.


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