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AAVSO Special Notice #113: Request for observations of SDSS J212531.92-010745.9 AAVSO HOME > publications > special notice

AAVSO Special Notice #113

Request for observations of SDSS J212531.92-010745.9
July 18, 2008

Benjamin Beeck and Dr. Sonja Schuh (IfA, Goettingen) request 
time-series observations of the binary PG 1159-type variable 
star SDSS J212531.92-010745.9 (VSX J212531.9-010745, 
AUID 000-BCY-521) over the coming observing season.  The 
investigators request high photometric precision but with 
integration times below 600 seconds.  The system is faint
and blue (V ~ 17.6; B-V = -0.4), and those with larger 
aperture telescopes are especially encouraged to participate.

Beeck and Schuh have requested the following observations,
dependent upon the aperture available:

1) For telescopes below 0.5-m (20 inches), please observe 
in white light, with integration times as short as possible 
to obtain S/N of 100.  If you observe in white light, please
supply the make and model of your CCD so that the PIs can 
determine the response function of your chip.

2) For telescopes 0.5-0.8-m (20-32 inches), please observe 
using a single filter, with bluer filters preferred if 
available.  Please keep exposure times below 240 seconds if 
possible.  If bluer filters require longer exposure times than
240s to reach S/N of 100, please observe in a higher-throughput
filter instead.

3) For telescopes larger than 0.8m, please perform multicolor 
observations if multiple filters are available, with Rc, V, 
and B preferred.  Again, please keep exposure times below 240 
seconds, and obtain S/N of at least 100.  

If you have computed transformation coefficients for your 
filters, please transform your data prior to submission.  If 
possible, please preserve your raw frames and flat fields so 
that they may be analyzed directly by the PIs.

Please report all observations to the AAVSO as "VSX J212531.9-010745"
or with the AUID "000-BCY-521".

SDSS J212531.92-010745.9 is located at the following coordinates:
RA: 21 25 31.92 , Dec -01 07 45.9 (J2000)

Charts for this object may be plotted with VSP:

This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by Matthew Templeton.


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