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AAVSO Alert Notice 372: Possible naked-eye gamma ray burst detected (GRB 080319B) AAVSO HOME > publications > alert notice

AAVSO Alert Notice 372

Possible naked-eye gamma ray burst detected (GRB 080319B)
March 19, 2008

The intense gamma-ray burst GRB 080319B was detected in gamma ray, x-ray,
optical light, and early indications by two automated cameras suggest that
the optical afterglow of the burst may have briefly reached naked-eye
visibility (mag ~ 5.76, GCN 7445, Cwiok et al) within 60 seconds of the
onset.  It is highly unlikely the burst was caught visually, but it is
possible the burst may have been detected if any observers were monitoring
this area of the sky (e.g. for minor planet searching).

The coordinates of the burst are:

RA: 14 31 40.98 , Dec: +36 18 8.8 (J2000)

Observers with any images of this field taken since 2008 March 19 0600 UT
are urgently asked to check these images for optical transients.  This 
includes wide-field images, sky and meteor patrol images, and any and
all CCD imaging, filtered or not.

Observers are also asked to obtain additional images of this field as
the afterglow decays.  The object was at magnitude 16 less than ten
hours post burst, but it may remain within range of observers with
12-inch or larger telescope apertures and CCD cameras.

If you are able to obtain any magnitudes, magnitude estimates, or limits
from your images, please submit them to the AAVSO with the name
"GRB 080319B" or AUID "000-BFT-137".

This AAVSO Alert Notice was prepared by Matthew Templeton.


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