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			AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 152 (January 6,1992)


The Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams has informed us of the photographic
discovery of a nova in Puppis by Paul Camilleri, Cobram, Victoria, Australia, on 1991 
December 27.51 UT at magnitude.6.4. Although the discovery was reported to the Bureau on 
1992 January 3, the nova is designated as Nova Puppis 1991 because it reached maximum light in 1991.
The position of the nova (epoch 1950), measured by Robert McNaught, Siding Spring Observatory, is:

			R.A. 08h 09m 44.11s	Decl. -34deg 58' 29.2"

McNaught also reports that, based on examination of SERC and ESO survey plates, the
prenova may be a variable, although a very faint one (mI, mJ = -19; mR = - 21). It
should be noted that although the position is quite close to that of CP Pup (Nova Pup 1942), 
the present nova is NOT CP Pup.

Observations of Nova Pup 91 include:

Dec. 	11.55 UT	(12 	photographic with T-Max 400 film, P. Camilleri,
				Cobram, Victoria, Australia
	27.51		6.4 	photographic, Camilleri
Jan	1.57		7.4 	photographic, Camilleri
	3.466		8.01 	V, AC. Gilmore, Mt. 10hn Obs., New Zealand 
	3.555		8.14 	V, Gilmore
	3.57		8.2 	visual, R. McNaught, Siding Spring Obs., Australia 
	3.74		8.3 	visual, McNaught
	6.21		8.1 	visual, C. Sco~ Stamford, CT
	6.546		8.5 	visual, A Pearce, Scarborough, W. Australia

Please use the accompanying "d" scale chart to observe Nova Pup 91, and report your 
observations to AA VSO Headquarters. The answering machine (617-354-0484) is on nights 
and weekends for your convenience.

Congratulations to Paul on his latest discovery!

Janet Mattei, who is still out of the country on a family matter, and I thank you very much
for your astronomical efforts and contributions.

Clear skies and good observing!

Elizabeth O. Waagen 
Senior Technical Assistant

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484