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AAVSO Alert Notice 392: Supernova 2008hy in IC 334 AAVSO HOME > publications > alert notice

AAVSO Alert Notice 392

Supernova 2008hy in IC 334
December 8, 2008

Further to CBETs #1608 (Puckett and Langoussis; Daniel W.E. Green, editor)
and #1610 (Dennefeld et al., and Yamanaka et al.) the supernova SN 2008hy
has been identified as a Type Ia supernova, and is believed to be near 
maximum light (V=14.3 on 2008 Dec 07.13, JD 2454807.63; T. Orff, reported
by Puckett and Langoussis).  The object is located approximately 100 
arcseconds NNE of the center of IC 334.

Independently obtained spectroscopy of the supernova by Dennefeld et al.
(2008 December 07.95, obtained at Haute Provence Obs.) and Yamanaka et al. 
(2008 December 07.8, obtained at Higashi-Hiroshima Astron. Obs.) both
indicate the supernova is of Type Ia, no more than a week after maximum 

A comparison star sequence is not yet available, but there are several
Tycho stars within 10 arcminutes of the supernova.  Please clearly
identify all comparison stars used.  Observers are asked to obtain 
filtered data if possible, with B, V, and Ic filters preferred.

Supernova 2008hy is located at the following coordinates:

RA: 03 45 08.45 , Dec: +76 39 55.5 (J2000)

Finder charts for this supernova may be plotted by entering the 
coordinates above into VSP:

It is advisable to check the "Use DSS Image" option so that IC 334
is included on the chart.

Please SUBMIT OBSERVATIONS TO THE AAVSO with the name "SN 2008hy"
(AUID 000-BJJ-253).

This AAVSO Alert Notice was prepared by M. Templeton.


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